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Why am I not seeing results?

Why am I not seeing results?

Why am I not seeing results?

A lot of reasons could potentially be why you’re not seeing results, but here are the most common reasons. So please go through and retrace your steps

  1. You probably do not have the correct size on. (check our websites for our size checkers)
  2. You’re probably using a waist trainer that’s too flexible. It shouldn’t be flexible or so stretchy, waist training shouldn’t be easy in the first lane.
  3. You like to compress yourself into the tiniest size, which doesn’t let you wear it for long. The least amount of time you should wear it is 5-6 hours.
  4. You’re not pulling your waist trainer down to your pubic line, if it’s not it wouldn’t cinch as much as it should.
  5. You’re not eating clean! I know you may not understand this but eating healthy is one of the important ways to lose belly fat, not just wearing it!

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