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Types of Getfit Waist Trainer, & Their Colour Stories

Types of Getfit Waist Trainer, & Their Colour Stories

Colour has a huge impact on our emotions and perceptions. We would like you to know the various types and what each of our waist trainer colours represent. Getfit products come in unique designs, colour shades and sizes to fit all body types. Find the one that speaks to you.

BLACK: getfit Slim Waist Band, Drip Sweat and waist trimmer.

Black is one of our original and most popular colours type. We have it in the slim waistband, drip sweat and waist trimmer and they are uniquely black. Here is why; Black is a colour that represents strength, power and elegance. When you find yourself in any of these waist trainers, we hope you wear it with prestige.

RED:  Ruby and 3 strap Detachable Ruby

We have two of our belly products designed in this colour, The improved Ruby 3.0 and the 3 straps Detachable Ruby. The red colour represents energy, confidence and courage. Little wonder we nicknamed them ‘Khaleesi’, slayer of stubborn belly fat. This is a colour that is designed to stick around for a long time. I bet you need to get yourself a Ruby!

Pink- Waist trimmer

Delicate, sweetness, inner peace and spice are the words that represent the Getfit Pink waist trimmer. Pink is also the colour of friendship and affection that lasts for a generation and we are sure, our Queens would love it.

Blue- waist trimmer

Blue is a classic, it represents inspiration, depth, stability and trust. The blue colour of our waist trimmer exudes the feeling of tranquillity, balance and intelligence. We promise you to stay calm and classy with our blue waist trimmer.

Purple- Waist trimmer

This colour is divine. Purple is a combination of the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red to give you the right amount of extravagance, royalty and vitality. The purple waist trimmer has a way of uplifting your spirits and calming your nerves.

Animal Print- Belly Eraser

The leopard and black design of the Belly Eraser represent strength, self-reliance, agility and confidence. Just add it as a favourite because this colour stands out. See store on Jumai.