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A Healthier Me Raising Awareness On Obesity and Hypertension

The Getfit 10km walk with a 500 person’s capacity is centering around living a healthier life and raising awareness on obesity and hypertension which has become a high risk in children, adolescents, and adults. The 10km Walk would not only raise money to support the winner and give amazing gifts for all the participants, but it would also help fund assistive support groups that would benefit and create more awareness on the aforementioned.

Round the clock attention to personal health , fitness and general wellbeing is our sustainable projection as a brand and we are optimistic that this walk would be most beneficial and also a great experience. The goal is to support active living and encourage weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The 10km walk would give every participant a good fresh start that changes and become healthy habits which can be cultivated and every reason to enjoy  staying fit always.

Welcome onboard everyone we are going to make the difference together!!!!!!!!!

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