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Reduces belly fat through 2 types of thermogenesis (Maximum Sweat Effect):

1. Exercise-associated thermogenesis (EAT)
2. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT),

1. Three Detachable belts that provide firm compression and reduce your waist and panniculus effectively. Panniculus is Lower belly fat 😁
2.  Fully detachable and can be worn under a fitted dress comfortably.
3.  Increased Sauna/Sweat effect during physical activities, watch your belly sweat DRIP
4.  Increased belly vacuum effect to suck up your belly and provide back support!
5.  With 3 straps to attack the lowest belly fat above the pubic bone region, Fupa and waist
6.  Ideal for falling/dropping belly fat
7. Latest Thermogenic material for burning belly fat with or without exercise.

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