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Hello! Getfit Kings and Queens.

Many people do not have the courage to take the necessary steps on how to Burn Belly Fat, but you have taken the right steps ever since you purchased one of our products in-store or online and certainly followed through with our secret tips. And now some inches of belly fat have been defeated. Once again and we are so excited for you. If you haven’t started your weight loss or waist training journey, click here to go get your waist trainer

We are so glad to have had you join us on the journey to burn belly fat and yours is yet another testimonial we are so proud of. You did it and we congratulate you on this.

However, now that you have lost a few inches, we have some tips to help you constantly maintain them or you can have a new waist goal. Yes, A few more inches can go. In the end, we all have to identify as a certified team coke bottle waist.

Getfit Bodyshaper - lose belly fat
Getfit Bodyshaper

Having achieved our waist goals, a lot of us may intend to take a break from our waist trainers and return to our previous late-night eating habits. Well, if this is you, the few inches you have lost will certainly come back. And we don’t want that to happen.

So, here is what you need to do to maintain your newfound waist or you can set a new waist goal.
  1. It is important that you continue to stay rehydrated in the morning. We usually recommend that water be the first thing you take when you wake up. You will need to continue with this routine. The benefits of drinking a cup of just before you brush your teeth is that it helps detoxification and also belly fat loss.
  2. Another thing is for you to continue with our apple cider gummies. The benefit of taking 2-4 gummies a day is enormous. It assists with belly fat loss, aids digestion, reduces belly bloating, improves immune system and also helps with a glowing skin. And a couple more benefits. Now that you have your new waist, taking your apple cider gummies a day is what you need to maintain and fight belly fat from within.
  3. If you can, you can continue to do some exercises such as planks, the different types of planks. I know some of us may not have time for and another thing we can do is to go for a quick fast pace walking. We can equally decide to any physical activity in and out of the house, like cooking, cleaning and shopping, And I must say this, a greater result will be achieved when you have your waist trainer on while doing any of this.
  4. One thing I will like to talk about is for you to continue or start a new healthy diet plan. A meal plan has numerous advantage that will help maintain your new belly size or burn belly fat. Some of us might have difficulty planning our meal ourselves, other than the stress, how to know the right food and nutrient value is another thing to think of. Paying a dietitian may require a lot of money.  With the Getfit meal plan you can shed weight and improve on your overall health. There are endless possibilities of satisfying dishes with our meal plan which contains a range of healthy meals with the right number of calories that your body needs daily. Click here to buy!
  5. Then again for those of us who would like to lose more inches, you would need a smaller size from any of our fitness waist trainers to level up (it’s not a crime to go from hot to hotter 🤔😉) and because we’re on this journey together, we’d like to match your effort 🤝. As a returning customer, you are entitled to a 1,000 discount. Click here to buy!

We would like you to know that excellence is not an act but a habit.  You become what you do repeatedly. This is not the time to relax but to work even harder to maintain your newfound waist or better still set a new waist goal!

Good luck with the Getfit lifestyle.

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