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New Year, New Body Goals! with Getfit Queens & Kings

Happy New Year Getfit Kings and Queens. It’s a new year, I know, you love to set new body goals. Well, that is commendable, and you should know that the right way to start is by loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. That way you can give room for maintenance and improvement.

I start off my year by stating my body goals, it takes almost all year to accomplish a quarter of what I have planned.  I usually end up with the usual, ‘it’s my body, and I can’t kill myself vibes’.

A lot of us seem to be critical of the way we judge our bodies and the bodies of other people. We continue to set goals every year on what our body should or shouldn’t look like and I am quite sure a number of us consistently fail to accomplish them just like myself. The reason for the failure most times would be because our body goals are based on what we assume we want and on society’s expectations on what our body should look like. One thing I know for sure is that You, yes, are beautiful no matter your body size and shape. You only need to set the right goals in order to achieve what you have in mind.

An important part of personal growth would be to set goals that are achievable. In the new year, we only need to set achievable body goals and change some habits. We also need to know that our body goals are different, for some, it may be to stop the intake of late-night meals, go down a size smaller, engage in workout sessions, try a new diet plan, try belly products to burn belly fat, achieve glowing skin. It could be to get a slimmer waistline, grow a bigger butt, reduce arm and thigh fat.

Instead of setting goals that you know won’t last past the first quarter of the year, I urge you to start with the less tedious and time-consuming goals, stick to those you can achieve easily and one that fits into your daily lifestyle and schedules. We hope that you focus on goals that have nothing to do with changing your body and everything to do with loving your body. So, plan well! Here are some achievable goals to kick start the new year:

  1. Drink 7 bottles of water Daily. Water helps the body function properly, it helps with weight loss, it boosts the skin health and beauty, and regulates the body temperature and as such, it should be a top priority for everyone.
  2. Join a fitness challenge. Joining a challenge keeps you motivated and accountable to your fitness goals. A challenge is beneficial to your fitness goals as it is usually connected to productive habits that can lead to a better lifestyle. This is a chance to join the @getfitng NEW YEAR HOT BODY CHALLENGE 10th – 24th January, 2022!!!  
  3. Stop talking about other people’s bodies. Make a conscious effort not to comment on people’s bodies.
  4. Step up your skincare routine. Cultivate the habit of sticking to a good skincare routine. You can try the Getfit Apple cider gummies, get an exfoliating toner and try out a new moisturizer. 
  5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is as important as getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. Depriving yourself of good sleep makes us feel cranky and unfocused. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining one’s optimal and well-being. 

PS: From the stable of our sister company Getglow Nigeria. We shall be having the Getglow Teeth Whitening Challenge Starting from the 10th – 24th of January, 2022



Getglow Nigeria

With the holiday eating, drinking and fun, it’s time to get back into our Getglow routine. We are not leaving anyone behind 😋😁……

Challenge starts from the 10th – 24th of January, 2022.

To get started mark what number your teeth is on your Teeth shade guide and on the last day mark the shade you achieved.

 To participate brush your tooth twice daily morning and night.  Remember to use your Getglow teeth whitening kit EVERY DAY!!!!!

This is going to be fun-packed, exciting, free gifts and cash prizes for the winners.

Let’s keep the GLOW UP

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