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Mental wellness or good mental health is a feeling of emotional and spiritual well-being and
interacting in ways that help you enjoy life and deal effectively with difficult situations.
Without mental wellness, people can be unable to fulfil their full potential or play an active
part in everyday life. Mental health issues can include many areas, from enhancing our
emotional well-being, to treating and preventing mild to severe mental illness, to the
prevention of suicide.

Mental wellness gives you a sense of self-worth, problem-solving, self-determination,
acceptance and respect for others so that you can realize your full potential, understand and
feel good about yourself. And also, so that you can explore choices, make decisions and
bounce back from negative experiences that everyone encounters. Mental wellness is as
important to overall well-being as physical health, social and emotional connectedness, and
intellectual accomplishment.

What YOU can do to take care of your mental health.
1. Eat Right and Keep Fit – A balanced diet, exercise and rest can help you to reduce
stress and enjoy life.
2. Make Time for Family and Friends – Important relationships need to be nurtured. If
taken for granted, these people may not be there to share life’s joys and sorrows.
3. Build Confidence – Identify your abilities and weaknesses together, accept them,
build on your abilities, and do the best with what you have.
4. Create a Meaningful Budget – Financial problems cause stress. Over-spending on
our “wants” instead of our “needs” is often the culprit.
5. Volunteer – Being involved in community gives a special sense of purpose and
6. Manage Stress – We all have stress in our lives but learning how to deal with it when
it threatens to overwhelm us helps to maintain our mental health.
7. Identify and Deal with Moods – We all need to find safe and constructive ways to
express our feelings of anger, sadness, joy and fear.
8. Learn to Be at Peace with Yourself – Get to know who you are, what makes you
really happy, and learn to balance what you can and cannot change about yourself.  

Challenge tip of the day:
Drink 7 bottles of water.
Follow up with your apple cider gummies
Don’t forget to plan your meal with the Getfit Meal plan.
Wear your Getfit waist trainer for 7-9 hours without exercise.
With exercise 2-3 hours only.

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