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Independence Day is such a remarkable day for us as Nigerians. We have gone past history to thrive as great nation with good people. Today, our country reminisces a great deal on the Nigeria Political Freedom we gained 61 years. A whole lot of activities is associated with today including the anticipated Presidential speech, march pass activities and the children being reminded how important this day is to the Nigerian history while they gather at the various state house or secretariat to celebrate.
For some of us, it is a day to be with our family and rest from the hustle and bustle of the week. While others will rather use the opportunity to shop for the month, I am sure the women will identify with this group, Lol.
I know there will be other people who only know how to question this day, some we say what are we celebrating and jubilating for. To them, Nigeria is yet to achieve anything meaningful. They believe that Nigeria has longed dropped its long acclaimed title as ‘giant of Africa’. The question or opinion as to what we have achieved or didn’t achieve is endless.
Instead of questioning what we have achieved, we should start focusing on what we can achieve at this point in time. We can take pride in this nation just as we used too in the past. I believe, every individual can make the country worth taking pride in, as we all make up a huge part of this nation. We, as the masses, civil servants, business owners, students, politicians and policy makers can take pride in Nigeria to make this nation, developed, strong and powerful.

There is a lot that needs to be done, which we must work on. We all are aware of these areas and as such, we can start the good work. Don’t forget that we remain, GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT NATION!
For today, we can all rest and celebrate this day, let us celebrate NIGERIA.

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