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How do I clean my getfit waist trainer?

How do I clean my getfit waist trainer?

Yaayyy….. if you have this question in mind, it definitely means that you have joined the Getfit king and queen gang. 

Getfit waist trainers were created with a technological material that creates a sauna effect by trapping body heat and increasing sweat production which leads to fat burning.

 A lot of us are already conversant with the routine and what it takes to use Getfit Waist Trainer to burn belly fat with or without exercises. That is why each of our waist trainers has unique features to burn belly fat. 

To achieve tangible results, we advise you to stay consistent and stick to wearing your Getfit waist trainer for 7-8 hours daily, for at least 3 months to get desired results. 

We emphasize consistent usage daily as this produces faster results, by doing this you can lose up to 6 inches in 3 months. 

A frequently asked question we are answering today is how you can maintain, clean and wash your Getfit waist trainer. 

Here are the various ways to clean your Getfit waist trainers: 

*Just right after everyday use, we advise ‌you to dry your Getfit waist trainers in a cool and damp place away from the sun.

* To clean properly, get a clean towel and warm soapy water. 

*Dip your clean towel into the warm soapy water (do not use cold water). 

*Use the towel to clean off stains properly in one direction. 

*After proper cleaning, take a dry clean towel to remove water completely from the waist trainer. 

* After which you put the belt in a cool place to dry up. 

Other things to note

  • Do not wash with a washing machine
  • Do not dip into soapy water
  • Do not put under the sun. 

If you need any help on how to clean and maintain your Getfit Waist Trainers, Kindly send a mail to support@getfit.ng

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