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HOT Body Challenge Day-4

The first step to creating/doing anything big or small is belief. Our very existence is based on belief. You get up every day and go about your activities because you believe in the possibility that things will go in your favor. You cross the street because you believe in your assessment that the road is clear for you to do so. You send that risky text message to your crush because there’s a little part of you that believes they’re crushing on you too. Even the most mundane things are done because we believe in our assessment that the outcome is guaranteed or in our ability to influence the outcome; cooking, taking the next step, even jumping up… 

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to convince someone who has never jumped or seen someone jump that it’s okay to jump because gravity would pull them down and they won’t hang in the air?! It sounds ridiculous to you right now but that’s only because you already believe you’d be fine afterwards and you believe this because 

  • you know the facts of gravity
  • You’ve seen it work
  • You’ve tried it out

So for you, this is a no-brainer. You’d take a jump on the spot without thinking twice. 

A lot of things that we find really difficult can be approached in this manner – Believing that an outcome is guaranteed or in our ability to influence that outcome – but like jumping above, there are a couple of things that make belief possible. 

  • Knowing the facts
  • Seeing it work (having a reference for inspiration)
  • Trying it out ourselves 

With our bodies, believing can be hard but it’s the first step in getting us from our current bodies into the ones of our dreams. So we’d help you along the way 

Here are some facts:

  1. You’re going to be in this body for the rest of your life. It’s your first home. Regardless of your location, Home always feels better when it is cared for and loved.  Love yourself and treat yourself to the right things always.
  2. Humans have biological plasticity, or an ability to adapt biologically to our environment. An adaptation is any variation that can increase one’s biological fitness in a specific environment.
  3. Although genetics has an effect on how fast or slow we lose weight, we can all still do it even at different paces
  4. Getfit works with or without exercise 

References For Inspiration 

  1. Honestly on this, the list is endless, go through our Instagram page and get inspired! 

From 2 inch reduction to 10 inches. 

It’s all progress, be inspired!

Try it out 

  1. This may be difficult for you but take this step and commit to it. We’re asking for just 1 month of commitment. Try it out and we promise you’d trust us like you trust gravity afterward. 

In all of this, we ask that you believe every day in your ability to influence this outcome, in your ability to get your dream body. 

We believe in you and we’re rooting for you 💙

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